Monday, November 07, 2005

Waiting for Broadband Communications

Many folks here in the U.S. have heard about Broadband Communications (BC). I've been talking about BC for years now, and I'm still waiting for my broadband communications link to arrive to my home. My cable modem is nice, but it isn't BC. As my long-time tech friend Mark Anderson stated recently in one of his Strategic News Service newsletters, true BC penetration in U.S. homes -- measured as the ability to carry one video stream, or about 1.5 Mbps -- is currently close to zero. ZERO!!!

Think about it. We are still surfing the Web at home in the communications-equivalent of a Model T.

Mark and I both believe that the BC revolution is at hand in America. The investment implications of going from zero BC to somewhere north of 60% BC over the next several years are staggering. Indeed, as BC penetration rises sharply, expect to see a massive wave of creative destruction across many industries and sectors.


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