Wednesday, November 01, 2006

The Secret to Investing Success

I came across this passage in an article by business strategist Nikos Mourkogiannis and had to laugh.

"Warren Buffett wanted to be an excellent investor - which meant being a rational investor. He knew that the best way to achieve this was by staying as far away as possible from Wall Street."


Here's the link to Nikos' article:


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why was there no follow on bankruptcy then? The bailout of AIG FP went to (wow power leveling) hedge funds that bound credit swaps on Lehman failing or others betting on rating (wow power leveling) declines. AIG has drained over 100 billion from the government. Which had to go to (wow power leveling) those who bet on failures and downgrades. Many of whom (power leveling)were hedge funds. I-banks that had offsetting swaps needed the money from the AIG bailout or they would have been caught. Its an (wow powerleveling) insiders game and it takes just a little bit too much time for most people to think (wow gold) through where the AIG 100 billion bailout money went to, hedge funds and players, many of whom hire from the top ranks of DOJ, Fed, Treasury, CAOBO

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