Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Three Cheers for the NDMX Golf Ball!

I was up in Boston yesterday participating in a charity golf event for Big Brothers of Massachussets Bay and had an opportunity to play with a beta version of the new NanoDynamics NDMX nano golf ball. If you haven't heard of the the NDMX golf ball, you can learn all about it here. Unlike conventional golf balls, the NDMX ball has a hollow titanium core that is engineered with patented nano materials. The unique hollow core has the effect of reducing the rotation of the ball once in flight. As a result, the ball tends to fly straighter. This is particularly helpful if you are the kind of golfer that can't get rid of that nasty hook or slice.

I found the NDMX ball was great off the tee and performed as advertised. On the fairway, it's necessary to drop down a club to compensate for the somewhat reduced distance of the NDMX ball off an iron (e.g., use a 7 iron instead of a 8 iron). The NDMX ball performed exceptionally well on the green. It seemed at times that the ball had (nano) eyes for the cup!

NanoDynamics has further testing to do before entering full scale production of the NDMX ball. I'm told that the NDMX golf ball meets all of the technical requirements set out by the USGA, but it hasn't been officially approved for professional play. Regardless of how the USGA rules, I believe the NDMX nano golf ball will be a big hit with the tens of millions of amatuer golfers out there in the US and the rest of the world.

Three Cheers for the NDMX nano-engineered golf ball!


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