Thursday, May 19, 2005

Heading to FiRe 2005

I'll be away next week in San Diego hosting two panels on Nanobiotechnology at Mark Anderson's FiRe 2005 technology conference, so blogging will be light until I get back. One of the people sitting on my panel is Michael Knapp, CEO of Cambrios. I love the company's strategic focus and I'm looking forward to hearing Michael speak about the cool things they are doing. For those that are not familiar with Cambrios, here's a little background on the company:


Nature is a large-scale, precision, automated manufacturer of nanostructures.

The simplest organisms assemble complex structures from the chemical components of their environment. In the process, they make the most advanced human-made products look primitive. At Cambrios, we seek to harness nature’s efficient manufacturing ability to produce better, cheaper electronic devices.

Our directed-evolution technology platform uses genetic approaches to rapidly evolve biomolecules that express specific control over materials synthesis and assembly. As a result, we can produce inexpensive and uniform nanostructures and fibers that self-assemble and attach to other structures via molecular affinity. And unlike other methods of producing nanostructures, ours can be made from an extremely large variety of inorganic or commercially useful material, including semiconductors, metals, ceramics, and magnetic materials.

For more on Michael and Cambrios, check out their website:


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